Manage Git Repositories

Task :

A new developer just joined the Nautilus development team and has been assigned a new project for which he needs to create a new repository under his account on Gitea server. Additionally, there is some existing data that need to be added to the repo. Below you can find more details about the task:

Click on the + button in the top left corner and select option Select port to view on Host 1, enter port 8000 and click on Display Port. You should be able to access the Gitea UI. Login to Gitea server using username max and password Max_pass123.

a. Create a new git repository story_blog under max user.

b. SSH into storage server using user max and password Max_pass123 and clone this newly created repository under user max home directory i.e /home/max.

c. Copy all files from location /usr/data to the repository and commit/push your changes to the master branch. The commit message must be “add stories” (must be done in single commit).

d. Create a new branch max_apps from master.

e. Copy a file story-index-max.txt from location /tmp/stories/ to the repository. This file has a typo, which you can fix by changing the word Mooose to Mouse. Commit and push the changes to the newly created branch. Commit message must be “typo fixed for Mooose” (must be done in single commit).

Note: For these kind of scenarios requiring changes to be done in a web UI, please take screenshots so that you can share it with us for review in case your task is marked incomplete. You may also consider using a screen recording software such as to record and share your work.

Solutions :

# git clone
# cd story_blog/
# cp /usr/data/* .
# git add .
# git commit -m "add stories"
# git push origin master
# cp /tmp/stories/story-index-max.txt .
# vi story-index-max.txt
  change Mooose to Mouse
# git checkout -b max_apps master
# git add .
# git commit -m "typo fixed for Mooose"
# git push max_apps
# git push origin master max_apps

Note : Task ini mungkin membutuh kan GUI yang tidak bisa ditulis disini

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