Base OS : Debian GNU/Linux
License : AGPL, v3
Hypervisor : KVM
OS-level virtualization : Linux Container (LXC)
Architecture : x86_64
Installation : Bare-metall ISO installer
max. RAM und CPU pro Host : 12TB RAM and 768 logical CPU

Clustering : yes
HA : yes
Storage : LVM, LVM-thin, iSCSI/kernel, iSCSI/libiscsi, Ceph/RBD, Sheepdog, ZFS over iSCSI, ZFS (local), directory, NFS, CIFS, GlusterFS
Network : Bridged-Networking, Open vSwitch
Guests : Linux, Windows, other operating systems are known to work and are community supported
Memory merging/sharing : yes, KSM
Firewall : built-in, cluster-wide, IPv4 and IPv6
Cloud-ready : yes
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI): yes

GUI : full-featured web interface
CLI : yes
API : yes (REST)
Monitoring : yes
User Management : LDAP, AD, Two-factor authentication
Permission Management : yes, granular
3rd party tools : yes

VM Lifecycle
Backup/Restore : yes
Migration : yes
Live Migration : yes, interchangeable CPU
Storage Live Migration : yes
Snapshot : yes
Template and Clone : yes
Replication : yes
Export / Import : yes
Virtual CPU Overcommit : yes
V2V : yes
P2V : yes

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